Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brown Bear Series: The Yellow Duck

Next we see the Yellow Duck!  This project is based on a lesson about circles and also reinforces the skill of cutting on a curve.
  • I started with a standard 18 x 12 piece of yellow construction paper and cut a 3 1/2" strip off the short side.  
  • Out of this strip I cut 3 squares, each 3.5" x 3.5".  These squares are used to make the wings. 
  • I then cut the remaining larger piece in half to make two 12 x 7 rectangles which I will use to trace the circles for the duck's body. To make the body I looked around my classroom for two objects I could trace in the shape of circles, one bigger than the other.  I used a cookie jar lid and a small paper plate.  I traced these on the 12 x 7 paper, making one for each student.  (You could also make patterns of these circles and teach the children to trace them themselves.) 
  • The children can make the wings by folding the 3.5" square in half diagonally, then cutting on that line to make two triangles. 
  • They can cut out their own feet, or you could do what I did and make a freehand pattern and cut out several at a time for them. 
  • Finally, I cut the orange triangles on the paper cutter for the beak. 
Once constructed, each child can personalize their duck by drawing a face.

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